Looking to rent out your property? - ALPES

Are you a property owner?

Alpes Travel provides reliable and competitively priced property rental services in the Chamonix and Morzine valleys. The team at Alpes Travel have been running property in these valleys for a over ten years.

Click on the PDF below to discover how Alpes Travel can increase your property rentals:


Getting set up

We’ll visit the property initially, and then ask you to complete a more detailed property questionnaire.

We’ll introduce you to our property management company ACS, and arrange a walk-through/handover of keys.

We will need high-resolution images – this dramatically affects sales of a property. If you don’t have professional photos we can help arrange this with an excellent value local contact.

We will create the property listing on our site, and on the various online channels we work with. We will also list the property with select travel agents.

We will create an owner’s account where you can view your calendar, make owner bookings, see details of all bookings, and view your account/payments.

Once live we will continue to market the property, and will work to maximise the income throughout the year through social media, our extensive mailing list, adverts and Adwords.

Working together

We will send you a detailed monthly owner’s report so that you can keep track of past and future payments.

Alpes Travel will work alongside ACS for all housekeeping, meet & greets and will be the point of contact for the guests before, during and after their stay.

We will send guests a feedback form after their stay, and will keep you informed of feedback received on your property.

The ACS will prepare the property for your owner bookings, and provide any meet & greets needed for your own guests/friends/family.

If there are any maintenance issue ACS will liaise with you directly.