Will I be able to reschedule my reservation if I cannot travel due to COVID 19?

If any our clients are unable to enter France due to travel restrictions in place due to the pandemic, we are offering a NO PENALTY exchange to re-book your holiday with 18 months of your arrival.

A more relaxed cancellation policy whatever the reason.

We have extended our free cancellation period, you can now cancel up to 4 weeks before arrival for any given reason and receive a full refund(a 5% cancellation processing fee applies)

What Measures are Alpes Travel taking to deliver hygiene standards?

In order to minimise contamination our cleaning partners are making sure that all properties are cleaned and disinfected to the highest standard on every changeover! We will supply all properties with hand sanitiser.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a global public health crisis. It resonates deeply also at the heart of Alpes Travel and everyone operating in the Chamonix Valley.

COVID-19 tells us scientific cooperation is key when dealing with a global public health issue. It tells us that continued education must be ensured when so many children today cannot go to school. It is a stark reminder of the importance of quality, reliable information, at a time when rumors are flourishing. It tells about the power of culture & knowledge to strengthen human fabric and solidarity, at a time when so many people around the world must keep social distance and stay at home. Alpes Travel is fully committed to supporting government advice, knowledge and culture sharing, as fundamental means to stand together and tighten the bonds of our shared humanity and love for travel.

Please note: Re-scheduling reservations will be subject to to the bookings terms at time of booking.